Thank you for your interest in Frippery Photography. My passion is to create custom portraits that spotlight your family’s unique personality. To be able to do this I spend a lot of time planning your session. When you are ready to schedule your session, I require a $25.00 retainer to book your date/time and create/stylize your session. This is nonrefundable, but if someone is sick and we reschedule within a month a new retainer is not necessary. As soon as your retainer is paid I will email you all of the questions and information pertaining to your session and I will happily spend all the time needed to create and execute your photo shoot, to meet both your, and my expectations!

How can you pay your retainer fee?
You can pay your retainer fee by cash, check, or paypal, contact me and let me know if you would like a paypal invoice or for my address you, so can mail it or drop it by my home.

Phone: 435-830-5437

*Please contact me as soon as possible if your child is sick and you need to reschedule. The retainer fee is non refundable but if we reschedule within a month a new retainer is not required.